Epistemix Documentation

Welcome to the Epistemix Documentation site, containing information, guides, and references for Epistemix products. This includes the FRED Modeling Language™ and the FRED Modeling Platform™. If you have questions about the company or are interested in speaking with our sales, recruiting, or other teams, please visit our main site at epistemix.com.

Background Information

Our agent-based modeling platform, the Framework for Reconstructing Epidemiological Dynamics (FRED) is our signature product to help leaders make better decisions. If you are new to FRED or would like a quick primer, the Key Concepts page may be especially helpful. Other background information will be added here in the future.

The FRED Modeling Language

The FRED Modeling Language™ is our proprietary agent-based modeling language. The following documents are or will be available.

The FRED Modeling Platform

The FRED Modeling Platform™ is our tools and products for building, executing, and analyzing FRED models. The following documents are or will be available.

FRED Release Notes

Release notes for the FRED Modeling Language and the FRED Modeling Platform are provided together at the following link.