FRED Tutorials

The FRED-tutorials repository presents a collection of models that demonstrate essential features of the FRED Modeling Language™. The intended audience for these tutorials is new users of the FRED Modeling Platform™ looking for practical examples of how the FRED language features described in the user guide can be used to address real-world modeling problems. Each example builds on the previous examples by introducing new model components and making use of additional language features. Consequently new users will benefit from reading the tutorials in the following order:

  1. Simple Flu

  2. Flu with Behavior

  3. Flu with School Closure

  4. Flu with Vaccine

We also hope experienced users find the models described here, and the programming patterns employed in their implementation, a useful reference.

The models discussed in these tutorials aim to represent a flu epidemic spreading through a population, with each focusing on a different aspect of the epidemiological and behavioral phenomena surrounding the epidemic. The Simple Flu tutorial presents a foundational model of flu infection. The Flu with Behavior and Flu with School Closure tutorials introduce social distancing and the effects of policies intended to control the epidemic into the model. The Flu with Vaccine tutorial allows users to explore the use of a vaccine to influence the dynamics of the epidemic.

The tutorials occasionally refer to additional documentation in the FRED Guide. If you don’t have access to the guide, and would like to, please contact