Revision Notes for FRED 7.6


The following features were added in FRED version 7.6.0:

  • Achieved major reduction in memory requirements through reorganization of fundamental data structures.

  • Removed the built-in Self place in favor of adding latitude and longitude to each agent.

  • To move the agent itself, use:

move(<dx>, <dy>)
move_to_location(<latitude>, <longitude>)
  • To access the agent’s position, use:

my_lat = latitude()
my_lon = longitude()
my_x_coordinate = getx()
my_y_coordinate = gety()
  • Run-time error messages for attempts to move or get coordinates for non-existent places.

  • Added sqrt(x) function.

  • Additional compiler errors for unknown function names.

  • Compiler error messages for rules that set and agent’s susceptibility or transmissibility for non-transmissible conditions

  • Support for synthetic population of Canada.

  • Trigger a compiler error if any 32-bit integer property is i nitialized to a value larger than a 32-bit integer: 2147483647.


No further notes are provided for this release.