Revision Notes for FRED 7.5


The following features were added in FRED version 7.5.0.

  • The default synthetic population updated to US_2010.v4 which includes zip codes for all places. Note that models will not look for this population by default in your FRED data directory under country/usa/US_2010.v4. See the installation instructions if you need to download this synthetic population.

  • Added three new output files for each run:

    • parameters.txt - the final valuaes of all parameters before the simulation begins.

    • variables.txt - the final value of all global variables before the simulation begins.

    • simulation.txt - the final values for simulation locations, start_date, end_date and seed.

  • Changes to treatment of parameters blocks - a block is now treated as a sequence of assignment statements executed in order after all global variables are defined and initialized in variables block(s).


No further notes are provided for this release.