Revision Notes for FRED 7.4


The following features were added in FRED version 7.4.0.

  • Added action open_file(<filename>, <header>) that specifies the header line for the given filename.

  • Added action print_file(<filename>, <expr>, ..., <expr>) to print one line to a previously opened file.

  • Added predicate is_file_open(<filename>) which returns true if the file has been opened, and false otherwise.

  • The action print_csv(<filename>, <expr>, ...., <expr>) is now considered deprecated. Users should use open_file(<filename>, <header>) and print_file(<filename>, <expr>, ..., <expr>) instead, as these provide more robust error handling.

  • true and false are now reserved words, and evaluate to 1 and 0, respectively.

  • New library module Read_Attributes for assigning new attributes to agents based on an input file.

  • New library module Read_Schedule for assigning values to variables based on the schedule in an input file.

  • The compiler now substitutes the module name suffixed with a unique instance id for the string $$$ occurring in the source code of a module.

  • Any agent may change the state of any other agent or list of agents with the action send(<expr>, <condition_name>, <state_name>)

  • Added function zipcode(<place_type) that returns the zip code for the agent’s indicated place type.

  • Additional compiler warnings and error messages

  • Improved efficiency and stability


No further notes are provided for this release.