Revision Notes for FRED 7.10


The following features were added in FRED version 7.10.0:

  • The file FRED/FRED_AUTH_KEY contains an authorization key that expires after a set period of time. If the file-based authorization key is expired, FRED checks the environmental variable FRED_AUTH_KEY for an updated authorization key before executing.

  • set_difference(list-expression1, list-expression2) - returns the list of items that are in the first list but not in the second list.

  • sus_list(condition-name) - returns the list of agents that are susceptible to the named condition.

  • The functions sample_with_replacement() and sample_without_replacement() now take an optional third argument, a list of weights to be used when sampling from the list specified in the first argument. The list of weights must have the same length as the list in the first argument.

  • Updated documentation.

  • Bug fixes and efficiency improvements.


No further notes are provided for this release.