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FRED Modeling Language Introduction

Welcome to the Framework for Reconstructing Epidemiological Dynamics, or FRED. FRED is a programming language for writing agent-based models. The world presented by FRED is populated with agents representing individual people. These individuals, or agents, have demographic features such as age, gender, and race and are grouped into households with specific locations. The world also includes other places such as schools and workplaces. FRED simulates the daily activities of each individual and tracks changes in the population resulting from the actions of individuals and their interactions with the environment and with other agents.

This document introduces the FRED Modeling Language™. If you have questions about Epistemix or are interested in speaking with our sales, recruiting, or other teams, please visit our main site at


This document introduces agent-based modeling and the FRED Modeling Language.

Additional Documentation

The following additional documents provide further information on the FRED Modeling Language. Some of these documents are in progress, so if you have a specific question please contact us directly.