Property that determines the number of periodic snapshots for the job


snapshots = <n>


This simulation property determines the number of periodic snapshots that are kept for the job, according to the following rules:

If the property snapshot_final is set, then a final snapshot is always kept.

If the property snapshot_date is set and the simulation reaches the specified simulation date, then the snapshot of that date is also kept.

If the property snapshot_intervals is greater than 0, then then at least the final periodic snapshot will be kept.

If the snapshots property exceeds the number of snapshots required be the preceding rules, then additional periodic snapshots will be kept, until the total number of snapshots reaches the value of snapshots, at which point the oldest periodic snapshot will be deleted.



A numeric value.


The following settings will keep the final two weekly snapshots and the final snapshot:

simulation {
    snapshot_final = 1
            snapshot_interval = 7
    snapshots = 3

The following setting will keep the final snapshot, the snapshot on the specifed date, and the final weekly snapshot:

simulation {
    snapshot_final = 1
    snapshot_date = 2022-05-22
            snapshot_interval = 7

See Also

snapshot_date, snapshot_final, snapshot_interval