Simulation property for setting the random seed for a simulation.


seed = <value>


This property must occur in a simulation block and sets the initial seed for the internal random number generator. Running the exact same simulation with the same seed value and the same version of FRED should repeatedly produce the same simulation results. This setting is therefore useful to replicate results from prior simulations, or to confirm the results from another modeler.

The actual initial seed value used for a simulation run depends both on this seed value and the assigned run number. Two simulations with the same seed setting and different run numbers will internally use a different initial seed value.



A numeric value to use as initial seed for random number generation


The following simulation block sets the initial seed value to 1234567

simulation {
    locations = Pittsburgh_PA
    state_date = 2020-Jan-01
    start_date = 2020-Dec-31

    seed = 1234567