Whether to output data for the associated variable or condition.


<variable>.output = <value>
    condition <condition-name> {
    output = <value>


The output property indicates the output for a variable or condition should be stored to the FRED results directory.

For the first form, the given <variable> must be a valid variable name, either a global variable, a global list variable, or a table variable.

If the variable is a single-valued global variable, the output file contains a time series of va;ues for the variable, one for each simulation day. The time series information is stored in the file FRED.<variable>.csv within each run folder.

If the variable is a global list-variable or a table variable, the output file contains the value of the list or table at the end of certain simulation days, as determined by the output_interval property of the variable. If no output_interval is specified, the file is written at the end of the simulation. The date for list or table variable is stored in the file LIST/<variable>.txt within each run folder.

Generally, this property is set in a variables block. By default, the output for all variables is set to \(0\).

For the second form above, the property indicates whether to include the daily time series for the gicen condition in the FRED results directory. The default for conditions is output = 1. It saves time and disk space to set output to 0 for conditions for which detailed time-series data is not needed.

The <value> is either \(0\) or \(1\), where \(0\) produces no output and \(1\) produces output.


Here we define a Prescriptions variable and set it to save time series data at the end of the run.

variables {
    global Prescriptions
    Prescriptions.output = 1

As another example, this code defines a drug_list list variable and sets it to save time series data. List variable output is stored in the LIST folder within each run directory. In this case, the output_interval is set to \(7\), meaning that the time series data is written every \(7\) days.

global_list drug_list
drug_list.output = 1
drug_list.output_interval = 7

See Also

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