Simulation property that defines where the simulation should occur.


locations = <location1>, <location2>, ...


This simulation property sets the locations where the simulation should occur, and is usually set in a simulation block. This setting is required.

A location in FRED is defined by the synthetic population, and represents the logical geographic structure within the associated country. In the United States, the locations are defined by FIPS code and can be specified as country, metro area (MSA), and state level names. View the locations.txt file in the synthetic population directory for a list of available location names.

For the individual locations defined within the synthetic population, please ser location_codes.

The specified locations can be a single location name, or multiple location names separated by commas.


The following sets the location for the simulation to the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).

simulation {
    locations = Pittsburgh_PA
    state_date = 2020-Jan-01
    end_date = 2020-Dec-31
    days = 0

Here is an example of setting the simulation location to three counties.

locations = Allegheny_County_PA, Beaver_County_PA, Jefferson_County_PA

This final example sets the simulation location to the state of Pennsylvania

locations = PA


It is an error if the location name is not recognized.

See Also

start_date, end_date, simulation, location_codes