Declares one or more list_table variables for use in the FRED program


list_table <variable1> <variable2> ...


A list_table statement declares one or more list_tables. List_tables must be defined within a variables block.

Like dictionaries in python, list_tables are mutable associative arrays consisting of key-value pairs that can be accessed via the key of each pair. Each key is paired with a single value.

Keys are real numbers, and values are lists.

A list_table variable is global and may be accessed or changed by any agent.

List_table variables are always initialized as empty lists.

List_table items can be set using the action set or by an assignment statement:

set(list_table_name, key, list-value)
list_table_name[key] = list-value

List_table items can be accessed using the function lookup_list or by using the notation shown:

my_list = lookup_list(list_table_name, key)
my_list = list_table_name[key]

When looking up list-values in a table, an error occurs if the key does not exist.

List_table items can be erased using the action erase:

erase(list_table_name, key)

All list_table items can be erased using the action clear:



Table variables are declared with a variables block and may include optional properties output and output_interval.

variables {
    list_table <table_name>
    <list_table_name>.output = 0/1
    <list_table_name>.output_interval = <N_days>

If the output property is defined, the list_table is output to a file named <path-to-job-results>/RUN<n>/LIST/<list_table_name>.txt (same as global lists).

If the output_interval property is defined, the list_table is output every N simulation days to a file named <path-to-job-results>/RUN<n>/LIST/<list_table_name>-<day>.txt

List_table output files have one value per line and follow the format:


The keys are sorted in ascending order.

List_table output files can be retrieved using the fred_get_list command.


The following declares a list_table variable called lookup_table1. The table is output to a file at the end of a run.

variables {
    list_table lookup_table1
    lookup_table1.output = 1

See Also

clear(), default_value, erase(), global, global_list, lookup_list(), set(), table