The current age of the agent in years, including fractional parts of the year.




This factor evaluates to an approximation of the number of years since the agent’s assigned birthday, using the formula age_in_days / 365.25.

The result is a real number; that is, if age_in_days is 1500 then age_in_years evaluates to 4.106776. To get the number of whole years, use age.

This calcuation of age_in_days is exact for agents born during the simulation period. For agents with birthday’s prior to the simulation start_date, the calculation of age_in_days assumes 365.25 days per year; that is, it may not be accurate due to leap days.


Suppose an agent is \(1500\) days old, as determined by age_in_days. In this case, age_in_years evaluates to 4.106776.

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