Group agent action which adjusts the contact rate of the associated group.




The base contract rate for the group associated with this group agent is multiplied by the given value. The effect is to change the number of contacts among the agents attending the group. This may change the rate of transmissions that occur within the group. This change remains in effect until the group agent adjusts the contacts again. To return the group to the original contact rate, an group agent can call adjust_contacts(1.0).



An expression that evaluates to a numeric value.


The following statement would double the base contact rate for a group called Group1.

if (is_group_agent(Group1)) then adjust_contacts(2)

After the group agent performs this action, the contact rate could be reset to the original value with:

if (is_group_agent(Group1)) then adjust_contacts(1)

See Also

contact_prob, contact_rate