fredcli batch validate-config

Verify that a batch configuration file is valid.


fredcli batch validate-config

Validate the structure of a batch configuration file.

fredcli batch validate-config [options]


-f, --file <file>

The configuration file to check.




This command validates a configuration file for use with the fredcli batch submit command. If the file is valid, a message is printed to the console and the command exits with a success code (\(0\)). If the file is not valid, the list of errors is printed and the command exits with an error code (non-zero, typically \(1\)).

By default, the commands looks for and evaluates the file fredconfig.json in the current working directory. The -f / --file option can be used to specify an alternate file to evaluate.

For a full discussion of configuration files, including the format requirements, please see the section Batch Configuration Files in the Guide.


In this example, a valid configuration file fredconfig.json (the default) is provided to the command.

$ fredcli batch validate-config
Configuration is valid.

Here is example that invokes the command on the file model-config.json with an invalid configuration.

$ fredcli batch validate-config -file model-config.json
Configuration is invalid.
population.locations: missing property
locations: must be an array
job.startRun: must be a positive integer