Create a plot of one or more FRED output variables for one or more FRED jobs.


usage: fred_plot -k key -v var [ options ], where options include:
    -a: show all individual runs.
    -b: plot bar charts instead of curves.
    -d 0/1 : display the image file (default = 1).
    -e: include error bars on plot.
    -f font : use the named font.
    -F fontsize: specify font size.
    -h: print this help message.
    -k key [ -k key ... ]: keys of jobs to plot.
    -n: scale y-axis to show counts per <s> people.
    -o outfile: send output image to indicated file.
    -r <n>: show individual run <n>.
    -s <s> : scale factor for normalization.
    -t title: Title to appear on plot.
    -v var [ -v var ... ]: variable to be plotted.
    -V: print list of available variables and exit.
    -w: plot variables averaged over epi weeks.
    -x xmin: min value for x-axis.
    -X xmax: max value for x-axis.
    -y ymin: min value for y-axis.
    -Y ymax: max value for y-axis.
    --yearly: plot annual values
    --monthly: plot monthly values
    --xtics <n>: put a tic mark every <n> units.
    --xlabel <s>: label the x axis with the string <s>.
    --ylabel <s>: label the y axis with the string <s>.
    --year 1: show year in xtics.


This command requires gnuplot.



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See Also

To be replaced with appropriate references, use the ref directive, as in


This produces the link fred_job, or just prints the name if the reference does not exist.