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fred_make_tasks [--help][-n runs][-m simultaneous_runs][-o outfile][-r results_dir][-d delete][other options]
    --help          print out this help message.
    -d <int>        if set, run fred_delete before each job to clear previous results.
                    if -d 2, also run fred_delete after running collect_task_data.
    -k or --key     base of fred_key. the sweep parameters are appended to this to get the FRED key.
    -m <int>        the number of simultaneous runs to allow (default = 1)
    -M <int>        when running under pbs, allocate this many cpus to each jobs. (default = 1)
    -n <int>        the number of simulation replications to run (default = 20)
    -o outfile      the name of the tasks file. (default = tasks).
    -r results_dir  the location of the RESULTS directory.
    --threads <int> the number of threads to use for each job (default = 1)


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