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usage: /fred/bin/fred_make_movie [ options ], where options include [default values]
    --api_key <key>: if set, use this api_key to obtain Google maps ["none"]
    --border 0/1: if set, display border around map with lat-lon labels [0]
    --caption_colors 'c1 c2 c3': colors for left, center and right captions
    --census_tracts 0/1: plot census tracts [0]
    --center_caption '<text>' : center caption ['']
    --colors 'c1 c2 c3 ...': colors for each variable []
    --country <name> : plot the named country [usa]
    --display <0/1> : if set, play the movie after it is made [0]
    --finish <n>: finish movie on specified day [0]
    --framerate <n>: frame per second [3]
    --google <n>: if set, use a google map as a background image [1]
    --grid <0/1>: if set, show grid. [0]
    --help: print this help message
    --interval <n> : movie includes every nth day [1]
    --keep: keep individual frames [off]
    --key <id> : plot the job with given id [none - must be specified]
    --left_caption '<text>' : left caption ['']
    --lightness <n> : set lightness of background map [0]
    --lw <n> : use linewidth n to outline counties [2]
    --max <val> : use the given value as the maximum for color plots [10]
    --movie_format <str> : use the specified movie format [mp4]
    --output <str> : movie file name with extension .mp4 added [job_name]
    --parallelism <n> : plot n maps in parallel [10]
    --periods 'n1 n2 ...' : plot accumulated locations of var over given number of days [ '1 1 ...' ]
                            period=0 means map all locs since start of the run
    --play <0/1> : if set, play the movie after it is made [0]
    --ps 'n1 n2 n3' : plot dots using point sizes [ '0.002 0.002 ...' ]
    --pt 'n1 n2 n3' : plot dots using point type [ '99 99 ...' ]
    --right_caption '<text>' : right caption ['']
    --run <n> : plot results of run n [1]
    --shapefile <0/1> : if set, draw the shapefile for each fips code
    --show_names <0/1>: if set, show local place names
    --start <n>: start movie on specified day [0]
    --subtitle <str> : subtitle for each map [" "]
    --subsubtitle <str> : subsubtitle for each map [" "]
    --term <type> : plot using the specified terminal type [png]
    --title <str> : title for each map ["FRED Simulation"]
    --vars <v1,v2,...,vn> : variable to plot [none]
    -x <xmin> : min longitude [none]
    -X <xmax> : max longitude [none]
    -y <ymin> : min latitude [none]
    -Y <xmax> : max latitude [none]


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