Installation Requirements

FRED is distributed for installation on:

  • MacOS

  • Linux systems


For Windows users, we recommend installing Ubuntu for Windows. Instructions are available at Additional software dependencies can then be installed within the Ubuntu environment using the Linux examples in the installation documentation.

Users on other systems may run FRED within a Docker container. Instructions for installing Docker can be found at

Hardware Requirements


The FRED simulation engine is very lightweight. The minimum requirements to install and run the engine are:

  • local storage: 1 GB

  • physical memory: 8 GB

Software Dependencies

The FRED simulation engine has no additional software dependencies; however, FRED is distributed with a built in visualization tool. This optional tool requires:

  • gnuplot: This common graphing utility is described at We recommend that users install this using their preferred package manager, e.g. apt-get on Linux or Homebrew & MacPorts on MacOS systems.

A set of FRED tutorials are available. Downloading these tools requires:

On the command line, users can check to see if these utilities are available. Running the which command should return a valid path on your system, e.g.

$ which gnuplot

$ which git

If these utilities are not available, an error should be echoed, e.g. gnuplot not found.