Epistemix Platform

The Epistemix Platform is an integrated environment for exploring synthetic populations, creating models of human behavior, and running simulations that explore how modeled scenarios play out in a realistic virtual world. As a first step on your journey towards using simulation modeling to help you make better decisions, see our guide to Getting Started with a free trial on the Epistemix Platform.

Once you have signed up and logged in for the first time, you’re ready to start exploring synthetic populations and making models right away. To get your bearings, we recommend you look through our Introductory Models which demonstrate the modeling capabilities of the Epistemix Platform in the context of real modeling problems. Additionally, we have a Quickstart Guide that will guide you through everything you need to know to start making your own models. More information about the Introductory Models and Quickstart Guide can be found here.

By the time you have worked through the Quickstart Guide you will have a solid grounding in all that the Platform has to offer and will be ready to embark on your own modeling projects. On the Platform, we use the FRED Language to describe simulated worlds by specifying rules that control how individual people in the simulations interact with each other and their environment. The FRED Language is designed to be flexible enough to allow you to model any kind of behavior that you can imagine. For detailed documentation of the FRED Language, see the FRED Language Guide. For a handy summary of all the available expressions and statements see the FRED Modeling Language Reference.

See Pricing for an explanation of how access and cost structure will change at the end of your free trial.