Formatting Key

This sections provides a short overview of the formatting used throughout the Epistemix documentation. The following list summarizes the formatting conventions used:

  • bold introduces key terms or concepts.

  • bold computer text is used for file names, such as main.fred

  • computer text is used for variables, function names, and other coding syntax within the text.

Larger sections of code will appear in demarcated code blocks. For example, here is a block of FRED code:

# sample code may appear in a block like this
# you can often copy these blocks directly into a FRED model file
condition MY_CONDITION {
    start_state = Start

    state Start {
        # some code
    # some more code

Command line interaction will also appear in demarcated blocks.

$ some_command  # code that begins like this can be copied directly into your console
output will look like this

In command-line interactions, the $ represents a Linux or Mac generic shell prompt. Your shell prompt may look different.


Within code blocks, inline comments will be proceeded by a hash, #.